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Rockland partners with Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust

Cominar is proud of the new partnership between Rockland and celebrities Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust. They will be the ambassadors for the shopping centre’s upcoming campaigns.


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Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust have brilliant public images and inspire the Quebec public through their talent, elegance and genuine personalities. They are the undisputed reflection of the best of Montreal. "Maripier and Brandon are multidisciplinary celebrities who inspire and reflect Rockland's image. They embody a model of excellence from which everyone can draw a little inspiration for their own lifestyles,” said Caroline Lacroix, Cominar’s Vice President of Communications and Marketing.


This partnership is a remarkable achievement for our marketing team. Their creativity and approach enables them to showcase our property far beyond Montréal.


Visit Rockland or its online platforms to see images from the new 2019 Spring & Summer campaign.


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Caroline Lacroix
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Caroline Lacroix

Vice PresidentCommunications and Marketing