Management team


Service, excellence and accountability

The members of our management team hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and are known for their extensive governance and management expertise. They draw on their real estate market knowledge, their vision and their respective skill sets to guide Cominar wisely, decisively and strategically, with a view to optimizing our growth, sustainable development and bottom line.

  1. Sylvain Cossette, B.C.L., L.L.M.

    Sylvain Cossette, B.C.L., L.L.M.

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  2. Alain Dallaire

    Alain Dallaire

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

  3. Heather C. Kirk, B. Com., CFA

    Heather C. Kirk, B. Com., CFA

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  4. Marie-Andrée Boutin

    Marie-Andrée Boutin

    Executive Vice President, Retail Strategy and Operations

  5. Wally Commisso

    Wally Commisso

    Executive Vice President, Operations and Property Management

  6. Jean Laramée, ing.

    Jean Laramée, ing.

    Executive Vice President, Development

  7. Michael Racine

    Michael Racine

    Executive Vice President, Leasing – Office and Industrial

  8. Frédérick Corey

    Frédérick Corey

    Vice President, Leasing – Office - Montreal

  9. Manon Deslauriers

    Manon Deslauriers

    Vice President, Legal Affairs and Corporate Secretary

  10. Richard Fortin, Eng.

    Richard Fortin, Eng.

    Vice President, Asset Management

  11. Caroline Lacroix

    Caroline Lacroix

    Vice President, Communications and Marketing

  12. Manon Larose

    Manon Larose

    Vice President, Leasing – Retail

  13. Johanne Leclerc

    Johanne Leclerc

    Vice President, Operations – Shopping Centres

  14. Sandra Lécuyer

    Sandra Lécuyer

    Vice President, Talent and Organisation

  15. Richard S. Nolin

    Richard S. Nolin

    Vice President, Operations and Commercial Strategy

  16. Carl Pepin, CPA, CA

    Carl Pepin, CPA, CA

    Vice President, Finance and Accounting

  17. Marc Shank

    Marc Shank

    Vice President, Leasing – Ontario