Our brand


We rely on proximity and collaboration, converted into action, to deliver added value to our communities. By putting people first, Cominar also puts the future foremost.

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Our purpose

Create attractive and enjoyable everyday destinations.

We go above and beyond to create exceptional everyday destinations, places where you want to go, and where you find all the services that simplify everyday life. We build environments that are as functional as they are inspiring.

We consider the needs of today's people in our creation of places for today's and tomorrow's world. Our buildings are designed to accommodate all aspects of life; places where one can live, work, and play.

Our ambition

To shape modern and remarkable communities.

We embrace modern-day demands in the shaping of communities where all are welcome and are happy to come together.

Our fixation with modernity moves us towards eco-responsibility, universality, and technology. In building spaces that reflect people and their needs, Cominar innovates to usher in the future.

Our mindset

Rooted in both our understanding of the needs of today's consumers, and our ambition to shape communities of the future, our principles guide our daily actions and support our strategic commitments.