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Cominar is proud to showcase Quebec-based technological solutions to empower retailers

Cominar is partnering with the Centre québécois d'innovation en commerce (CQIC) to help retailers take part in the API (Achetons.Plus.Ici) initiative.

This initiative aims to accelerate the adoption of Quebec-based technological solutions by retailers in order to improve their appeal and thus revitalize shopping centres.

Initially, teams of students go meet with retailers to capture data and present them with various technological solutions to help them in their digital transformation.

A living lab have also been established at Centropolis to offer both a new gift shopping destination for consumers and a hub of innovative solutions for retailers. This living lab includes:  

  • A smart pop-up store featuring Quebec-based products,
  • A full showroom of Quebec-based technological solutions made for retailers,
  • A live shopping studio*,
  • Connected lockers to retrieve online orders,  
  • A drop-off point for express deliveries, and
  • Training on-site.

"We are proud to support our retailers in their digital transformation," said Jean-Marc Rouleau, Vice President, Retail Operations, Cominar. "By putting them in touch with CQIC and their local purchasing initiative, they will have access to the tools and resources they need to tackle this important shift.”

* Live shopping is a concept similar to Facebook live events, where people present or test various products that can be purchased in real time by consumers.

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