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Discover the First Marché des petits entrepreneurs at DUO Centre Laval

For the grande journée des petits entrepreneurs du Québec, which will be held on June 4, Duo Centre Laval, a Cominar property, proudly welcomes its first Marché des petits entrepreneurs!

Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., 20 young entrepreneurs aged between 5 and 17 will set up shop in DUO Centre Laval’s central courtyard for you to discover their products. 

Here is the list of participating entrepreneurs at the DUO Centre Laval Market:

Ôfil Couture – Bookmarks and hair scrunchies made from recycled fabric;
Flashies – Fun cards and games made in 3 languages;
Lilo Créations – Resin jewelry and accessories;
Confections A&C - Bracelets for men, women and children, and keychains;
Maison nature – Lip balm, candles and volcanic bracelets;
Restaurant Sanchez – Home-made food;
The Kondeas – Chalk making;
Beau Regard Vert (BRV) – Sale of various vegetable plants and indoor plants, grown in an eco-friendly way;  
Création de l'eau lo – Bath products (bath bombs, soaps), and men’s shaving products;
Bougeoirs et Sablés – Small, candleholders and home-made shortbread cookies;
Choucaouete – Sweet surprises;
Brico-Art – Scratch bookmarks and 3D sticker creation kits;
Elias et Emi – Let’s learn with Elias and Emi;
Le Coin de Zeina – Discover a ton of little surprises!;
Rafael Inc. – Several surprises to discover!;
Sucre et Citron – Home-made lemonade and hot chocolate;
sa-BOAT-age – Boat construction and races;
Limonade et chouchous - Lemonade and scrunchies;
Crousties – Healthy snacks;
La fabrique à Lolo – Creation of greeting cards and other personalized items;
Les Super MT- Cookies, cupcakes, chocolate marshmallows, etc.;
Les douceurs de Zara - Sweets;
Les merveilles d'Anais – Cute jewelry items.

These small passionate entrepreneurs will host their booths in a lively and playful atmosphere, to the sound of a young DJ. Play and rest areas are also provided for the young ones and their families.

"We are delighted to welcome members of Quebec's next generation of entrepreneurs to DUO Centre Laval," said Stéphane Richard, Director of DUO Centre Laval. "At Cominar, we believe in entrepreneurial prospects and support this type of activity that encourages the development of such skills as project management, teamwork and leadership among young people. We will contribute to the growth of our community by organizing more activities of this type at DUO Centre Laval."

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