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Calling All Nostalgia Enthusiasts!

On October 8, the Mail Champlain has welcomed Carole, a thrift shop that combines fashion trends with the circular economy. Vincent Legros, Zachary Reffo and Xavier St-Onge-Leduc are three young South Shore entrepreneurs who launched their business during the pandemic. Having been friends since childhood, they share an interest in entrepreneurship and vintage fashion.

Carole was initially just an Instagram page where Vincent, in high school at the time, sold his second-hand clothes. After launching an online store, its popularity quickly took off. It was through a chance meeting with a Cominar representative that plans to open a physical store at Mail Champlain came to fruition. Within three months, the dream of a brick-and-mortar store became a reality for the Carole team. Vincent, Zachary and Xavier all have an entrepreneurial streak and are not afraid to take risks. Despite their full-time academic commitments and personal obligations, they stand out with their contagious enthusiasm and passion.

“The buzz was already building up, so once we had the opportunity to open a store, we figured that was our next step in our entrepreneurial journey,” says Zachary. “The store opening was a huge success – we really didn’t expect it.”

As the textile industry is known for the pollution it generates, buying second-hand clothing is a wise choice that is good for the planet. Younger generations are particularly interested in the issue of climate change, so it’s not surprising to see them choosing an eco-responsible business model. “The goal is also to educate our customers, so that everyone understands the magnitude of the problem,” explains Xavier.

“We are proud to support the new generation of local entrepreneurs,” says Stéphanie Larocque, Director of Specialty Leasing and Partnerships. “It’s through partnerships like this one, with a store whose products are aligned with our customers’ needs, that we illustrate Mail Champlain’s place in the local economy.”

Indeed, Mail Champlain customers have warmly welcomed Carole’s team. Visitors appreciate the eco-friendly mission of this local company, as well as the boutique’s relaxed atmosphere. With a constant flow of new pieces at attractive prices, clients are sure to find items that suit their style and budget. The future certainly promises even more success for the Carole team.

What are you waiting for? Visit them today!

For more information about this store, please click here.

Regular opening hours:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Thursday and Friday: 10 AM – 9 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM
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