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Launch of Mostra Centropolis

Cominar is proud to announce the launch of a new real estate project in the heart of the Centropolis complex in Laval, in partnership with Cogir and Divco.

Mostra Centropolis will be composed of two towers of 193 and 170 units, twelve and fifteen storeys high respectively, on Daniel-Johnson Blvd. One of the towers will include commercial space on the first floor, which is in keeping with our vision of innovative mixed-use spaces.

"We are delighted to undertake this first partnership with Cogir and Divco. This Centropolis project is consistent with our mission to develop inviting and enticing communities of the future," said Marie-Andrée Boutin, Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President, Operations.

Centropolis offers an exceptional range of services that will enhance the daily lives of Mostra Centropolis residents. Close to all amenities, this project is ideally located to meet the needs and lifestyles of a wide range of clients.

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