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Launch of Phase 4 of the Palladium Campus in the Ottawa Area

We recently unveiled a new construction project for a five-storey building in our Palladium Campus in Kanata. Developed in part to meet the growth-related needs of the Ford Motor Corporation, which will be setting up a world-class R&D facility here focusing on the autonomous vehicle of the future, this fourth phase of the office complex will contain 100,000 square feet in one of the largest high-growth markets in the Greater Ottawa area. The premium-quality building, which is slated for delivery in summer 2020, will boast a maximum of natural light and highly versatile floor plans. We are also on the verge of completing the state-of-the-art amenities for the occupants of all four properties in this functional, people-friendly workspace. These will include a videoconferencing facility, a fitness and yoga centre complete with secure changing rooms and showers, secure indoor bike storage and on-site restaurant service.

Abito: A Hub for Home Design Services

Our teams are spearheading a new initiative at 2200 Cyrille-Duquet Street in Québec City, featuring an innovative themed showroom concept. We chose to make the most of the airy, light-filled space in this property to bring together a number of home renovation specialists providing a complementary range of goods and services. In addition to enjoying a strategic location and the excellent visibility that comes with it, occupants will benefit from a range of tools used to promote the concept, including a search engine–optimized website, space on the street-side pylon sign and various annual marketing campaigns. This one-of-a-kind hub will be designed to provide visitors with inspiration for their home renovation projects and promises to be a very popular destination indeed.

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