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Weathering the COVID-19 Crisis Together

Weathering the COVID-19 Crisis Together

We are living in an unprecedented time. A time that brings with it a host of challenges for everyone in society. A time that is taking us back to basics, that is reminding us of the fundamental importance of good health and that is showing us just how interconnected our world really is. In the era of COVID-19, our brand identity, which is rooted in the power of people, is more meaningful than ever.


In the past few weeks, we have focused on ensuring the continuity of essential services and safeguarding the health and well-being of our staff and our clients. We have undertaken multiple efforts to keep the lines of communications open and stay connected with employees, clients and patrons of our shopping centres.


We have strong ties with our communities and we are a key actor in the Quebec economy. With assets in Quebec and the Ottawa area, we are proud to actively encourage people to buy local. And we will enthusiastically continue to support our merchants in achieving their full potential.


As we all know, it is often in times of crisis that true character is revealed. We have all been humbled and awed by the remarkable acts of individual and corporate kindness that we hear tell of daily: people and organizations that are going the extra mile, reinventing themselves and stepping up their efforts to make a positive contribution. Cominar is no exception. We have a long and proud tradition of community engagement. Giving back to society is embedded in our DNA. This commitment manifests itself in a variety of ways, through actions, donations and the use of our facilities and equipment – all in close collaboration with our employees and clients. We are building on existing partnerships and embracing new contributions. 


We are honoured to be a part of this wave of solidarity and we firmly believe that, at the end of the day, #itsgoingtobeok/#cavabienaller.


Support for charities and communities


In keeping with this spirit of solidarity and our pledge to reach out to those in need, our top executives have unanimously agreed to donate a portion of amounts allocated to them as a result of their salary review to charitable endeavours tackling the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to our corporate contribution, our organization and leadership team will donate a total of $200,000 to food banks and organizations supporting mental health and survivors of domestic abuse.


During the Easter weekend, we hosted a virtual “chocolate rally” to raise funds for our long-time partners at Opération Enfant Soleil. Instead of being held in our shopping centres as we had originally planned, the at-home version brightened Easter Sunday for thousands of families across Quebec and helped contribute to our annual fundraising campaign in support of sick children. Incidentally, you can still donate and help us reach our goal of donating $125,000 for this very worthy cause.


Facilities and equipment


We know that the healthcare system is always in need of donated blood, and that is especially true right now. Accordingly, we responded to the provincial government’s appeal by teaming up with Héma-Québec to hold additional blood drives in several of our shopping centres, including Carrefour Charlesbourg, Galeries Rive Nord, Mail Champlain, Mail Montenach, Promenades Beauport and Les Rivières.


Permanent blood donor clinics are also open at Héma-Québec’s GLOBULE centres at Complexe Jules-Dallaire (Quebec City) and Centre Laval (Greater Montreal). For more locations and further information about giving blood, please check the Héma-Québec website.


Finally, to help counter the shortage of medical equipment, we have donated our surplus N95 masks to the Quebec government.


Employees’ community engagement


Our tradition of community involvement here at Cominar is powered by the dedication of our employees. We realize that the current circumstances have only accentuated the need for essential support.


In addition to our year-long volunteering program, we are encouraging our staff to give back to the community by providing them extra vacation time to devote to volunteer pursuits related to the COVID-19 crisis.


One of the sayings that is popular within the Cominar community is “Every bit counts.” This rings true now more than ever before. We all have a role to play going forward. Deeply proud of our Quebec roots, we plan to continue to be a positive influence in our communities, with the support of our employees, clients and consumers.


#itsgoingtobeok #cavabienaller

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