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To Avoid Nonessential visit, Santa Claus Won’t be Present in Cominar Shopping Centres

As the situation pertaining to COVID-19 continues to evolve, Cominar has decided not to hold physical experiences with Santa Claus in its shopping centres, in an effort to limit nonessential visit.

Special activity programs to do at home will be made available to customers, to help preserve the magic of the holiday season.  

“We have made the decision to refrain from offering visits with Santa Claus this year, in order to help limit nonessential visits to shopping centres during the holiday season," said Marie-Andrée Boutin, Executive Vice President, Retail and Chief Development Officer, Cominar. "This decision reflects our commitment to protect all employees working in our centres as well as our customers. We understand that some may be disappointed, but we are confident that it’s the right thing to do in the current context.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, spaces in Cominar shopping centres have been completely reconfigured to ensure compliance with public health requirements and reduce as much as possible the risk of spreading the disease. In particular, this translates into:

  • Installing of hand sanitizer distributors at all entrances as well as throughout our shopping centres;
  • Increasing the cleaning frequency of all high-touch areas;
  • Increasing the presence of security personnel at the entrances and on duty, in order to encourage distancing and limit the duration of visits to what is strictly necessary to complete purchases;
  • Implementing directional signage to promote social distancing and limit gatherings;
  • Training our staff on customer service protocols, the visitor code of conduct and new cleaning procedures;
  • Increasing the supply of fresh air through our ventilation systems and increased supervision of the proper operation of all air filtration systems; and
  • Setting up order pick-up areas in our parking lots.

Further information on our new holiday activities will be provided shortly. Please visit your local Cominar shopping centre’s website to learn more.  

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