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People, at the Heart of Real estate

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At Cominar, we believe that space plays an essential role in companies and that it can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Discover our vision of tomorrow’s real estate, which values human exchanges in a constantly evolving world.  

  1. We Haven’t Heard the Last of the Office

The last few months of working at home have transformed company cultures and the relationships between coworkers. As the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 is progressing in Quebec, it is with high hopes that we aspire to live soon under more relaxed measures. At Cominar, we believe that the remote work must leave room for informal exchanges.

 “Although convenient, fully digital relationships don’t allow us to experience the in-between meetings: the 3-minute pause in the hallways before the meeting starts, the exit from the meeting room before moving on or returning to one’s office... Yet, it is in this in-between time and through informal exchanges that trust is built between the individuals that make up companies: Over coffee, over lunch, over an impromptu chat between two points, knocking on a colleague’s office door out of the blue,” says Bernard Poliquin, Executive Vice President, Office and Industrial and Chief Real Estate Operations Officer at Cominar.

 We believe that the office is not only the place where teams come together, but also where collective understanding emerges. After all, a company is not a sum of its individualities, but rather a collective that supports a common project. We believe that the office of the future will be a true place of exchange, flexible and resilient, anchored in a human society.


  1. Shopping Centres – the New Destination for Daily Needs

Always listening to consumers looking for shopping centres that are closer and more accessible, Cominar designs and develops centres that are human scale, convenient, and user-friendly. Constantly transformed and modernized, our properties are rooted in their communities and connected to the urban fabric, so that everyone can enjoy themselves and make the most of everyday life.

With consumers looking for simplicity and convenience, we are continually adapting our product and service offering to meet the expectations of each market area. With this in mind, Mail Champlain recently became the host of a brand new complex that combines the fun climbing world of Clip ’n Climb with unparalleled quality Ninja courses under the Maestrem Ninja Gym banner.

"Cominar believes that the shopping centre of the future will be a destination that fulfills the functional and aspirational requirements of our lives, in addition to fulfilling our need to socialize. It will be a vibrant community where we will live, work and play," said Marie-Andrée Boutin, Executive Vice President, Retail and Chief Development Officer at Cominar.


  1. Our Industrial and Multi-Use Properties – a Promising Segment for Economic Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the adoption of digital tools by a larger proportion of the population, including online commerce. This growing demand has had a tremendous impact on the supply chain and the need for industrial space. Our properties, which offer prime locations, value flexibility of use and collective intelligence. Our Curé-Labelle development project in Laval, located near numerous services and major roads, embodies this renewal.

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Please note that news article was published in the newspaper Les Affaires on May 26, 2021.

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