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Starting on June 28, the Entire Province Will Be in the Green Zone

This is it – we’ve finally made it! After all the efforts we’ve made collectively, we can finally see the light on the horizon! More than a symbol of our newly found freedom, the change of zone scheduled for June 28 across Quebec also announces the beginning of our new normal.

Long Live the Return to the Office!

We’re delighted to see you gradually returning to your spaces. We wanted to celebrate our reunion with a short video that you can watch by clicking here. We hope it will make you smile as much as it made us. And if you enjoy the video, feel free to share it on your social networks!

Tenant Guide for a Safe Return

In order to facilitate your return, we've prepared a guide outlining the initiatives we have implemented to help you and your employees get back to work safely.

Rest assured that we will continue to comply with government health requirements and that we will update this guide as the situation evolves.

Click here to download the Tenant Guide for a Safe Return.

We wish you an excellent return to the office and an amazing summer!  

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