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Looking back on 50 years of Galeries de Hull

At Cominar, we know that a shopping centre is more than a series of stores. It is a gathering place, where the products and services provided reflect the needs of the surrounding community.

Today, as the shopping centre approaches its 50th anniversary, we would like to thank our teams for making Les Galeries de Hull an integral part of the community.

The Galeries de Hull consists of loyal retailers who provide for the needs of their community every day. Several of them are also celebrating their 50th anniversary, including Bijouterie Doucet  and Figaro/Figar-Elle hair salon!
Christine and Denis are also celebrating the 50th anniversary of their hair salon.

Suzanne is the manager of Bijouterie Doucet.

“We are really proud to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Les Galeries de Hull,” said Serge Rossignol, Vice President, Operations, Cominar. “This is a special occasion that reminds us of the role that shopping centres play in people’s lives. The renewal taking place at Galeries de Hull promises to make it a true everyday destination, with an offering that meets the needs of our customers.”

Indeed, the Galeries de Hull has recently seen several openings, including ÉconoFitness, Dollarama, Aubainerie and Marché Wakim. The diversity of Les Galeries de Hull’s commercial offering reflects Cominar’s philosophy of complementarity of uses and stores. You can find it all: department stores, food, entertainment, events, etc. Today, Les Galeries de Hull boasts close to 50 tenants.

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