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Cominar: Ready Like Never Before

Cominar is proud to announce to the general public the launch of its new brand and unveiling of its integrated vision of real estate. The appointment of a new CEO and consolidation of the management team in 2022 have allowed the company to see and seize the future with conviction.


Now, Cominar sets all its ambition and commitment to the creation of even greater value, and for all members of its community. Today, more than ever, Cominar displays a ‘people-first, future-forward’ mindset.


Like never before, Cominar is listening to the consumers’ appeal for places where all daily services are equally accessible. Responding to these needs, Cominar creates attractive and enjoyable everyday destinations, places strategically located near public transit routes, offering their different communities welcoming spaces in which to meet and enjoy with ease.


Like never before, Cominar goes above and beyond a lease to shape modern and memorable communities of the future, whether they’re formed of business people, partners, employees, or neighbourhood residents. Cominar pairs expertise in site management with an understanding of today's people and their needs, focusing its efforts on places with unparalleled potential. In so doing, it ushers in a new era, one in which people can live, work, and have fun at unprecedented levels in Quebec's real estate landscape.


Like never before, Cominar understands tenants’ and customers’ concerns for the future, and promotes the sustainability of its actions and commitments. It positions itself as a true business partner. One that listens well on every issue, and acts with a collaborative spirit in its relationships. With its unique blend of know-how, modern technological processes, and exceptional talent, Cominar works to ensure success for both today’s people and for generations to come.


Considering all needs, as well as the needs of all, Cominar designs and creates places for today’s people and tomorrow’s world.


To discover our renewed brand, visit the "Our Brand" page.

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Sandra Lécuyer
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Sandra Lécuyer

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