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New gourmet experience in Rockland

Rockland, one of Cominar’s prestigious shopping centres and at the forefront of latest restaurant trends in Montreal, announced that it will be hosting the VIP grand opening of La Cuisine on March 13, 2019.

La Cuisine features 15 different restaurants, including Pastaga and Liv, food trucks and a central bar. “We were looking to create a fluid and inviting atmosphere—all while offering a diverse range of dining options for families, business meetings and professionals working solo,” explained Manon Larose, Vice President of Leasing Retail during an interview with the French newspaper, La Presse.

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Revitalizing the food court is part of our global plan to adapt to the changing needs of consumers who are increasing looking for unique and practical experiences. “People want everything under the same roof: shopping, social activities, services to unwind, grocery stores, etc. However, they also want to be surprised and crave novelty, especially when it comes to discovering high-quality food,” Ms. Larose added.

This new warm and friendly dining area, which offers modern and gourmet fare, is so much more than a place where people pass through during their day-to-day lives; it is a public space where people can get together, dine together and enjoy memorable moments together.

Cooking demonstrations, hosted by renowned chefs, such as Olivier Vigneault, Martin Juneau and Kimberly Lallouz, will also complement Rockland’s innovative new project and highlight the very best Montreal has to offer in terms of fine food.


Read the article in La Presse (French only)

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