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Temporary Leasing More Accessible Than Ever

Cominar and Storefront are teaming up to promote short-term retail leasing opportunities.

Known and used worldwide, Storefront is redefining how brands rent and occupy space, thanks to an online platform that connects tenants and owners in a fast, flexible and transparent way.


“We are proud to be joining forces with Storefront to take the pop-up store concept in our properties to the next level and democratize access to our shopping centres,” said Manon Larose, Cominar’s Vice President, Leasing.


This partnership will make it easy for local and international businesses alike to choose from a selection of versatile spaces in five of our dynamic retail properties, namely Rockland, Gare Centrale, Alexis Nihon, Centropolis and Mail Champlain.

We are looking to incorporate new, exclusive and memorable stores and experiences into our properties. “This strategic partnership is in keeping with our commitment to bring a distinctive shopping experience to our customers and introduce them to global brands within our portfolio,” said Caroline Lacroix, Vice President, Communications and Marketing, Cominar.

Want to learn more? Visit us on Storefront.

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Caroline Lacroix
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Caroline Lacroix

Vice PresidentCommunications and Marketing